Sunday, 16 March 2014

D.I.Y: Make your own closing stickers

To stay a while in the spring flowers I made these closing stickers. If you want to make it yourself, here's a short tutorial:
  1. Take a sheet of stickers. I used round white stickers with a diameter of 3,5 centimeters.
  2. Choose three paper flower punches in successive measurements. Punch the flowers from colored paper. I used paper paint samples from the hardware store. 
  3. Stick the flowers with a glue dot on the sticker. Go from big to small. I used several sizes of glue dots. 
Of course you can create countless variations of these closing stickers. Use different stickers, different paper and paper punches with different motives. Stick them on letters, gifts, bags and snailmail. Have fun!

Little box of post (3)

In the series "Little boxes of..." I made a new little box. It is the " Little box of post! It contains: a little carrier pigeon with a note, 10 stamps, 10 closing stickers, 10 little letter envelopes and a garland with the text "Email is good but post & parcels are much better". I send it to Ruchama of the Postfabriek
Previously made "Little boxes" can be found at these links: Little box of Easter Little box of celebration and little box of hearts

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Wreath of paper flowers


This wreath is inspired by the book "FĂȘtes en papier" of Adeline Klam. I have not read the book yet, but the cover is very promising! The shape of the wreath is made of cardboard. Stick the flowers on it with glue dots. Some flowers have four different layers. For the heart of the flowers you can use here and there a glitter stone. Some flowers are folded. See here for instructions diy fleurs papier adeline klam. The rest of the flowers are made ​​with different paper punches. For the small flowers I used paper of paint samples that are free to get at hardware stores.

Snailmail is an unexpected party in a letter

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Snail mail for Valentine

Here is some Snail mail for Valentine's Day! See what's in the Snail mail for my niece Lisette. When we were kids, we wrote each other letters. She loves the sea-blue color. So that became the theme of my snailmail for her and I combined it with white, green and gold.
I've made six little envelopes which are bound together with a velvet ribbon.

  1. In the blue gift bag with the bugs on it is a craft notebook (Hema) that I decorated with stickers and with the name of my niece. The gift bag, that I received with my order at Paperbreeze, is sealed with two hearts stickers. The large craft hearts sticker is from Nikki Dotti and the small blue hearts sticker is from Hema.
  2. In the larger white paper bag is my postcard for Lisette. On the front of the bag I stuck a fish sticker I've ever gotten at Petit Bateau. The bag is closed with a round craft sticker from Etsy. In this kraft sticker I put a golden sticker that says "Oh la la" from Hema.
  3. In the small package, wrapped with green tissue paper, is an envelope with dog stickers. The package is sealed with golden stickers, all from Hema.
  4. On the glitter card from Flow Book for paper lovers (see my former blogpost Thank you Dutch Castle I have stapled a little bag of gardenconfetti. This I found on the FeelGood Market in Eindhoven at Indie-ish. I finished the card with washi tape from Hema.
  5. I collected paint samples in her favorite color. These are available in paint stores for free. Nice to use as a bookmark, or for to punch tiny figures. I put the color samples in a plastic card pouch from Moniss. Take also a look at Postfabriek for more ideas with plastic card pouches. This gift bag is sealed with washi tape from Hema. On the bag, I wrote an idea-tip with a white paint pen from Posca.
  6. The last brown kraft envelope is the one with the special closure (Hema). This includes a little plastic gift bag with two tea bags from Rituals. I made for this bag a blister pack of blue paper with a sticker of Flow. On this you can write a personal message if you like.
Finally, I put the whole stack of envelopes in a sturdy folded page of Flow. First I sealed all the edges with adhesive tape and after that with washi tape. Name and address is written with Posca paint pens. The entire mail is then inserted into a plastic bag from Moniss with some glitter stars in white, blue and gold from Hema.

This is my Snail mail for Valentine's Day! Hope you like it. You can also find many more lovely Snail mail ideas on Pinterest and Instagram.

Let's hope that my niece does not read this blog post before Valentine's Day!