Friday, 30 December 2011

Napkin artichoke

I learned to fold an napkin artichoke like this from Ria, the wife of one of my colleagues. It can be used at any occasion and at any time of year, because you can choose another colour or another design for particular events (e.g. for Easter). 

What you need
- 56 paper napkins
- paperclips

1. Folding the napkins in six steps (56x)

Step 1

Place one napkin in front of you, diamond-shape. Fold the lower tip tothe upper tip.

Step 2
Fold over the triangle, so that a smaller triangle results. 
Fold back,so that a folding line results.

Step 3
Fold the right-hand side of the triangle down toward the folding line. 

Step 4
Repeat this for the left-hand side and turn it over.

Step 5
Fold the outer tips, so that a new triangle results.

Step 6
Fold the tips onto each other, and turn it over. You now
have half a boat. Make 56 of such semi-boats.

2. Making the artichoke

The artichoke consists of seven layers of eight folded napkins. You
start with the bottom layer. Fix the eight semi-boats with a paperclip
in the middle. After this, attach the eight semi-boats to each other (also with paperclips)
so that they make up a circle (see picture).

For the second layer of eight semi-boats you also fix the boats in the
middle by way of paperclips. This makes sure that the boats stay

For the third layer of boats, this is not necessary. Place the second
layer of boats half-way on top of the first. It is not necessary to
fix them on the sides. Make seven layers of boats.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Snowflake teabags

For a nice warm cup of tea...I made these snowflake teabags!

Friday, 23 December 2011

Pencil box of tin and woolen thread

My friend Bjorn, 10 years old, made these fabulous pencil boxes of tin and thread. 
You need three things: a can, a ball of wool and a little piece of tape.
First, you stick the thread with tape on the can. Than start wrapping!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

My workroom

In my regular work I want a clean desk. When working on my creative "projects", I like working in my workroom at home. Not a clean desk, but surrounded by lovely, pretty things that inspire me. Books, fine papers, ribbons, stickers, postcards, (washi) tape . It makes me feel good and gives me new ideas.
That's why I love the Edition de Paumes with beautiful studios, apartments and houses. The pictures are very inspiring!
Here a few pictures of my own workroom.

Maybe a good tip! For the washi tape, I used a towel rack from Ikea

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Advent calender

In recent weeks I worked on my Advent calendar for Sep. The calendar is made ​​of toilet rolls (see also my first blogpost). In each toilet roll is a gift or a treat. For winter effect, I chose the colorsgray, white and black. Each creature/character has a little story. Can not wait until December the first!