Monday, 29 August 2011

Playmobil surprise bag

These are two of the figures of the playmobil surprise bag for girls. I was lucky to get the princess and the witch. I would like the mermaid too! Each bag contains one of 12 boys or 12 girls figures. 

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Craft idea, Paper garland

I love to work with paper samples. I collect them everywhere. Pieces of leaflets, gift wrap, drawings, postcards and special paper like chinese paper and tissue paper. This holiday I made a garland in white, black, grey and pink. It's really not difficult. I use a punch (this time with a flower motif) to punch the flowers. Than, I glue the flowers together with fishing line in between.

Picture rack

I have a collection of postcards. Some of them are so beautiful that I can't send them away. By Tentoon I found a picture rack to expose my favorite postcards. Also perfect for displaying pictures. Look at their website tentoon

Craft idea, Cute cats

This morning I made some cute cats from a toiletroll. Spotted somewhere on the internet. Easy to make with children.