Friday, 8 March 2013

Daisy ornaments for an Easter decoration

Handmade paper daisies for an Easter decoration. I bought the egg shaped vase by Oogenlust my favorite flower shop. It's easy to make. Look at the tutorial below.


  1. Take a piece of thick white paper and punch out two daisies (using a
    daisy-shaped paper puncher)
  2. Cut a small cotton thread of about 8 cms (3.5 inches)
  3. Apply some glue to the heart of one of the daisies (using a glue pad)
  4. Fold the cotton thread into two and glue the ends together with the
    glue at the heart of the daisy. Apply some more glue on top
  5. Attach the other daisy on top, turning it a little sideways, so that
    there are no spaces in between the leaves
  6. Cut some hairs from a yellow pompom and attach these to the sides of
    the daisy in the middle, so that a yellow heart appears. I used
    regular superglue for this and a cotton tip to apply the glue
  7. Hint: you can also vary the colours of the hearts of the daisies. You
    can also turn the daisies into a garland.


  1. Oh wat zijn deze leuk! Zo simpel maar wat een lief effect!

    1. Dank je wel! Ook leuk als kadootje bij een voorjaars snailmail!